In The Process of Healing is a site-specific installation of still and moving images and sound, telling stories of survival. Responding to the stories of institutional abuse, suicide and shattered lives across the Ballarat community, artist Aldona Kmiec has created a moving and respectful collection that reflects the process of healing that comes after suffering and distress, that ensures that life can begin once more.

“My vision is to document the invisible lives, drowned by society’s attempts to maintain normalcy through keeping their eyes shut, pretending that lives don’t exist, referring to them as numbers. As a minority, I too share the mark of the unknown. In my artistic journey I show that coming from a place that is foreign to many, doesn’t mean one cannot achieve.”

About Artist

Born and raised in Poland, Aldona Kmiec migrated to the UK in 2004 and to Australia in 2009. She lives and works between Ballarat and East Gippsland. In 2012-14 she was one of the Multicultural Ambassadors of Ballarat and worked on number of artistic projects including photographic street murals We R You. Her artistic practice extends across photography, installation and community projects that aim to create a social dialog about the perceived ‘otherness of the other’.

Aldona Kmiec’, Invisible Lives II, 2017, C-Type (Chromogenic) print, 60cm x 40cm





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  • June 26, 2017 - September 18, 2017
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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