Femme Magnifique is a photographic series portraying renowned Australian burlesque performers through narrative art. While society worships archetypical heroic football images, there is no female equivalent — but for photographer Daniel Kneebone, the answer is burlesque. Strongly influenced by women’s attitude and spirit, the artform comes to life through theatricality and strong visceral archetypes. Femme Magnifique aims to shed light on the burlesque industry, as well as shining a spotlight on the artists who make the scene what it is in Australia.

About Artist

Daniel Kneebone is a professional photographer in the art world, specialising in high-end artefact photography. For more than 30 years, his extensive technical background in design and photography, combined with his artistic passion and creative eye, has led him to experiment with the creation of illustrative photographic artworks.

Daniel Kneebone, The Jewelled Rose, 2017, Archival photographic print on fine art paper,102 x 100cm

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  • June 26, 2017 - September 18, 2017
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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