by Fran Gass, Kaye Kelly

In July 2014, Victorian travel and nature photographers Fran Gass and Kaye Kelly journeyed to the Svalbard Archipelago in the Arctic. Bears, Bergs and Bones is a document of their travels, showcasing bears living in their natural environment, the various forms of blue icebergs found in the Arctic region and bones scattered across the landscape. Captured both on land and at sea, the result is a breathtaking collection of images that showcases the natural beauty of the icy Norwegian region.

About Artist

Fran Gass and Kaye Kelly are two Victorians with a passion for photography who enjoy documenting their travels, finding wildlife and landscapes constantly inspiring. They participate in tours and workshops, always eager to learn more of their artistry.  They regularly enter national and international competitions.

Fran Gass, Fluted Iceberg, 2014, Digital Print, 40cm x 21cm

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