In Concrete Makes the Earth Feel Colder, Melbourne-based artist Leigh Lambert presents a collection of black and white images that explore a potential, and theoretically not too distant, post apocalyptic world. Where humans once reigned, the landscape is now abandoned, static, wasting or incomplete, and all is awaiting the inevitable recovery yet to be made by nature. The people left behind try to engage with their environment in the limited ways still available to them. This dystopic work will challenge and provoke viewers with its themes of survival and humanity.

About Artist

Leigh Lambert is a photographer based in Melbourne who works exclusively with analogue image generation while using various approaches to photographic output. He explores both ends of the spectrum, between traditional photography and abstraction. Lambert is currently investigating construction/destruction as an interventionist photographic approach.


Leigh Lambert, Corner Burn, 2015

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  • June 26, 2017 - September 18, 2017
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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