by Michelle Dunn & Bindi Cole Chocka

Indigenous artist Bindi Cole Chocka, exhibiting as a part of the Tell exhibition at this year’s Biennale, is interviewed by Ballarat photographer Michelle Dunn about her work and practice. Chocka works to expose the questions most are afraid to ask, so this conversation is sure to be engaging, challenging and powerful.


  • Bindi Cole Chocka

    Bindi Cole Chocka is a Wathaurong woman and an award-winning contemporary photographer, new media artist, writer and curator, whose work often references her life story and experiences, such as her Aboriginal heritage, the importance of Christianity in her life and the impact of politics, the law and other power structures on her lived experience and that of her family and community. Cole-Chocka’s works to expose the questions most are afraid to ask. At times, her artworks are so personal having been cathartically imbued with a gritty honesty, that the viewer’s experience can verge on voyeurism. Her work exposes the latent and unspoken power dynamics of global culture in the here and now. She subtly but powerfully reveals some uncomfortable truths about the fundamental disconnection between who we are – the communities and identities by which we shape our sense of self – and how the prevailing culture attempts to place and define us.

  • Michelle Dunn

    Michelle Dunn is the founder of MDP Photography and Video. She works commercially in both the still and the moving image for clients across Australia as well as creative artists. Clients include Missy Higgins, Doctor Blake (The Ballarat Gold Museum), Department of Education, Department of Justice, Department of Economic Development, Superfriend Mental Health Foundation, JP Morgan, Bank Australia, Bank of Melbourne, Westpac, ANZ, Haymes Paint, Radio Rentals and loads more. Through her company With Camera In Hand, she also shares her knowledge via workshops and short courses which often sell out.

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  • ARTIST TALK - Meet the Maker
    September 15, 2017
    6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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